Saturday, January 30, 2010

Affair with Adidas

I've been looking for an Adidas shoes for quite sometime now and i finally managed to buy one which i like! although it is plain and simple, i still LOVE it! I changed the shoelaces to black to give it a better look rather than having an overpowering white feel overall.

I have now the complete set! I have a lime green Hoodie, a White watch, Black & White Cap and Now, This shoe!

" Impossible is Nothing"

this is my new affair, with Adidas :)

Friday, January 29, 2010


This was by far the most chilled out and the most FUN i've had with you bunch in a LONG WHILE. I couldnt have asked for any other person to exchange places with the bunch of you. The fact that we did things as we went and nothing was pre planned, the fact that we had such a GOOD DEAL on the villa that we stayed in, the fact that we had a private pool at the backyard, the fact that it was with YOU guys that i was with.. just made everything, great!

Funny thing, when i got home that night.. i went to the back of my house and i was like.. "huh... no pool.. ;( " and i miss coming back to the villa and having the SMILING faces of the bunch walking about around the house. As Kevin said, maybe we should have stayed another night? i wish we could stay MANY nights.

Here are some interesting quotes that were frequently used or said during the trip:

" I jizzed in my pants"

"Limau Kuning" - Lemon

"Blow hard and hold it there"

"Explosion in the pants in my mouth"


and not forgetting...


Thank you Kevin Heera, Michael Yap, Yuvraj Singh, James Cheong, & Brian Saw. You guys are the sweetest and most caring bunch of men i know. I mean that :)

Thank you Chui Ki Lee & Shobini Balraj for making the trip worth every minute and just being great listeners and great fun to be around with :):)

i love you bunch :)

~9 days left

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

26 days left

I know counting down the days for my departure could or would be an unnecessary thing to do. Heck, even my mom thinks it is. But you know why i am counting?

I'm counting cuz i have to keep reminding myself that there's only limited amount of time left to spend with the people i love the most.

Im counting cuz i have to keep telling myself to get down to some SERIOUS packing but im reluctant to touch the luggage bags.

Im counting cuz i have to keep telling myself that when i leave now, im leaving Msia. Im not coming back to LIVE years like i how i used to.

Im counting cuz i KNOW, that im gonna MISS everyone and everything that i've lived with for the past 19 years of my life.

and on the 20th year of my life.. THIS life now,

I'll be counting down the days of when i graduate and start working in a field i love best.

I'll be counting down the days of when i book my flights to come visit Msia.

I'll be counting down the days.. to spend time with the people i love.


To a NEW beginning.

and the Countdown.. BEGINS NOW.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

heard of?

Anyone heard of Kevin Zegers? No?

Despite his DAMN GOOD LOOKS, he's actually a fairly good actor. He did an respectable job on the movie called Transamerica opposite the side of Felicity Huffman ( who was nominated for a Best Actress nomination for this role ) playing a transgender and the endevours he/she goes through to take that FINAL CUT. A real insight on how the "other sex" lives are like.

here are some pictures of him during his modelling days. *drools*