Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rounding Up 2009

One minute i was at The Curve with a bunch of my close buddies celebrating the START of 2009 and the next minute i'm cleaning the house and preparing things to welcome my close buddies to my house to celebrate the END of 2009 and the BEGINNING of 2010. Is it just me or does every year go by faster than the year before?

These are some of the Highlights of 2009 for me :

-My Sister & Manny's Engagement and Wedding (14/3/2009 & 14/11/2009)
-The Bunchos girls ALL OF US at my place (04/01/2009)
-Starting my Degree in Taylor's University (02/03 /2009)
- Cameron Trip with Bro's friends, Troy & Darlene and their kids (24-26/06/2009)
-Family Trip to Kerala, India (5-15/7/2009)
- Sister's Best Friend's Engagement- Lalitha (17/9/2009)
- Diwali Celebration at my place (20/10/2009)
- Meeting NEW Friends at Taylors University (No date- all year through)

Its been a GREAT 2009 and i couldn't have asked it to be ANY better. I'm glad i have my Family and my friends to make it the way it was! Its the end of another year and alot to look forward to for the next.

Most of all, I know what i want in life and i'm comfortable with my own skin. I've grown up to be more responsible and independent.


-38 days and counting-

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i love you for catching me when i fall :)

You girls and boy mean the WORLD to me. you know that? we've all been through SO much together.i know now:

if anytime i fall.. you would be there to pick me back up again.

if things go sour, you will be there to make things sweet again.

i love you girls and boy SO much and i'm glad that you girls are my sisters and brother :)

My Boyfriend

My Adorable Affair

My Lesbian Lover

My Date Darling

My Drinking Huney

My Sharing Partner

without you all around, life would be dull.. <3

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ms Sagittarius Partner :)


We've known each other since we were 11 years old..
We've seen each other blossom.
We've been through SO much together.

You've always been there.
You've always tried to make me laugh.
You've always been vocal about your opinions.
You've always been truthful.
You've always been Yourself.
You've always been..

Things have been rough with you not being around,
But that just tests our grounds of being friends,
and i'm glad, we still keep in touch despite the distance.

i love you very much my dear darling Sagittarius partner.
ALWAYS will.


You pretty HOT little thang, YOU! *winks*

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweet Sixteen :)

dear Preetha Sukumaran..

a.k.a My cousin a.k.a My little poyo partner a.k.a My dance crazy Darling a.k.a My small no blood connection Sister.

Happy 16th Bday darling!!

cant believe you've grown up so much and SO fast!

you have been a like a little sister to me and will always be :)

i love you very much! <3

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet Ixy :)

FINALLY, after months of waiting patiently and using my sister's camera when needed.. i have finally bought my own :)

Meet IXY! =D

Known as the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS

Slimmest Canon Compact Camera- 18.4mm thick

12.1 megapixels

3x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stablizer

2.5 inch LCD screen

Gold Metal Body

It may not be such a kickass camera, but it is TO ME and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! :):)

only more reason to have another 70 albums added on Facebook!

haha! *winks*

Saturday, November 21, 2009

what to do? what to do? what to do?


yet, clueless about what to do to fill up my time...

Crazy! how 1 year just flew by that quickly! i remember the first day of Orientation, my first few classes in Sem1 and Sem 2, how lost i was in the beginning!, the rooftop with the garden, the lecturers and the DRAMA! ( literally-Acting )

ALL the new buddies i got to know and GLAD that i STILL know them well and of whom i'll miss dearly. No doubt, this first year has made me grow up SO much more and indulge myself in the field i love. I've become more responsible and alot more comfortable and confident with myself. i've learned things i NEVER knew how to operate to begin with and now, i can safely say.. I DO. ( might need some help though! ;) )

its been a good and bad first year in University here in Taylor's School of Communication and i'm looking forward to head to my new campus in Magill, South Australia.

Now, enough with the sappy stuff! I cant wait for my darlings girls, SHOBINI & LOKZHA to come home soon! missing them OH SO DEARLY and we the BUNCHOS are READY for more LOUD AND CRAZY FUN to come!!


anyone wants to go out?


oh! and i'm proud to welcome a new member to the family, Mr Emmanuel Dhoss! my brother in law :):)

Glad the whole wedding went on well! Love you two SOO MUCH! <3

if this is what True Love really means, then i cant wait to find him :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Counting down days till the Wedding Bells ring!

I remember the days where we would lie in bed, sing Disney songs or any song for that matter and talk for hours.

I remember the days where we had a large bottle brush tree and we would climb it to sit on the top and just watch the world pass us by.

I remember the days where we ran outside and play in the cold rain and run back in to have a HOT bath!

I remember the days when she first left to Dublin and i cried my eyes out and so did she.

I remembered the days where we would just take crazy pictures of ourselves for fun.

and Now, in almost a week from today, my dear sister will be wed to one of the most sweetest, lovable, trusting, HANDY person, EMMANUEL DHOSS.

This is for YOU chech, for all that we've been through and more years to come :)


Friday, October 23, 2009

Do i look like the bride? =S

* Indian slang*

Its kinda funny and sorta upsetting as i walk into the houses of most of the relatives only to find that they think.... I'M THE BRIDE!!


Honestly! Only after my cousin brother, CUDSON mentioned it..maybe i DO look older than my age! =s ( and i thought after changing my hairdo, that i'll look younger.. =S )

haha! and its funny saying it all the time..

"NO NO NO. Its not me. Its my sister! " *Indian slang*

although i must admit one thing, its fun going around seeing relatives! (though tiring and still MORE houses to go!) but its fun to see all the familiar faces after SO long and all of which are VERY excited bout the upcoming wedding!!

only 3 weeks left!

The front look of the wedding card!

Its actually rectangular in shape, embedded intricate indian design and a dark shade of green with yellow & red beeds stuck on it.

The most beautiful card i've ever seen :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To MY Lesbian Lover =)

Its been 1 year.

and you have grown and matured so fast.

Its been 1 year.

and you still are the same CRAZY-SWEET-LOVABLE-CARING-PRETTY-DARLING -SMARTEST person i know.

Its been 1 year.

and our friendship has become much tighter even though you're miles away.

Its been 1 year.

and u still look the same! haha :):)

Its been 1 year.

and i still dont love you any less than before. in fact, i love you more!

Its been 1 year,

and you're in Melbourne.

Its been 1 year.

and you're photography is beautiful!! thanks to shutter and your inborn talent ;)

Its been 1 year.

and i still remember your previous b'day and how SWEET & STICKY is was.

Its been 1 year.

and you are the most sincere person i know.

Its been 1 year.

and you have become wiser.

Its been 1 year.

and you just turned 19.

Its amazing how much has changed over the past year.

I love you very much my dear darling SHOBINI BALRAJ! its upsetting that you're not here and we cant celebrate this day with you but when u come back.. we definitely will!

Hope you have a GREAT year ahead sweets! as i said,

Its your last year of being a TEEN. enjoy it while you can!

Love you muchos, my dear darling god sister of mine! <3<3

One person i never want to lose :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Its finally here!

Here i come UniSA!

3 and half months to Adelaide!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I got Love in my tummy :):)

Thats prolly two ways a person could look at the title of this post.

One, I ate something REALLY good and my tummy is VERY satisfied. Or,

Two, i have butterflies in my tummy everytime i see a certain someone and it makes my tummy churn.

Love in my tummy.

i wouldnt call it "love" as its too strong a word to use and maybe a little to fast to say so.. but "attracted & like" would prolly be the best suited.

Hence, you decide how you want to see it...

...I know how i want to see it :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Met Jacob Yet?

this is my new baby : Jacob!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 19th B'day Deranged Boyfriend! =D

This may come in early.

Dear Dhevia Kalyana Sundram- deranged boyfriend-chutney-Mama of all Hot Mama's- my 9 year best friend!

This is for you and why I LOVE you so much!!

you're one person i will always turn to whenever i need a shoulder to cry on.
you're one person who showers your love without fail.
you're one person who has a brilliant mind.
you're one person who knows whats right, whats wrong and WHEN to break the rules.
you're one person who'll make a GREAT leader.
you're one person who i can go crazy, whacky and manja with!
you're one person who i know is beautiful inside and out, a beautiful soul.
you're one person whom i call my best girl friend.
you're one person whom i call my sister.
you're one person who i never regretted knowing.
you're one person i will always, CHERISH.

cheers to you Dhevia Kalyana Sundram, for being you!

Love you to bits <3

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dont we love Happy Endings? =)

Start of my one and half week holidays was by watching my favourite old time Disney Movie, Pocahontas. She is my disney queen :) i love her spirit of adventure, her emotional connection with people, the ample amount of love she gives, and they joy she brings to others. always admired her :)

and after that, i decided to watch Sleeping Beauty. My cousin Suvanya said that i used to sing "Once upon a dream" with my sister when i was younger. true that! my sister and i were big fans of disney movies, hers being Beauty and the Beast. we used to remember all the words in each song in the Disney movies we loved. Sleeping beauty was one of them :)

lastly i watched Beauty and the Beast. only because its the one movie that i can sing along and mutter almost every line in the movie with my sister. haha!

and the best part of all.....

is that there's always a happy ending.... =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Living life for what its worth

I dont understand WHAT or WHY you're doing what you're doing to me. NOT like i did anything to even begin with. Know what? with the help of my girls, Shobini Balraj and Chui Ki, also not forgetting the boy, Kevin Heera..

Its time i live my life for what its worth while i still have the time than to worry about you.

Though i might be upset now and though you've hurt me in a way you may not even notice..i'm still going to be your friend whenever and wherever you need me to be.

aint gonna change anything. at least not anytime soon.
eventually will.

need i say more?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cant you see that i'm the one who understands you?

recently there's been a certain feeling that i'm developing for this certain someone. but i know i shouldnt act on this certain feeling cuz it might hurt a certain someone. for if i act on this certain feeling for that certain someone..and if that certain someone doesnt have the same certain feeling that i'm feeling, then this certain someone may choose not to bother about this certain soul right here.

and that is certainly NOT want she wants.

and this certainly doesnt help the situation, does it?

warren and i nicknamed him.. sweet balless :) haha! *dont ask*

Friday, July 31, 2009

The things i'm going to miss

Its been 1 month. 1 month that i worked in the Fossil store in Pyramid. and i must say, i have learned TONS on how to manage a shop as well as attending to the customer's needs. alot of ups and downs..but in the end, it was all worthwhile. here are the things i'm definitely going to miss..

1) my bucket and old rag i use to wipe the shelves and glasses every morning for housekeeping.
2) sticking the model tags on the respected items
3) making sure the watches and bags are properly placed at all times
4) sneaking some food to eat at the back of the store-haha :)
5) looking over to LEVI'S ALL THE TIME when we have nothing to do
6) listening to the same 20 songs everyday, played at least 7 times one day
7) having my crazy family and friends kacauing me at work
8) meeting customer's who are so much fun to serve
9) the repair watches/service book.
10) the pretty bags, wallets, belts, jewelry and watches at Fossil.
11) GOT my friends and family to know about Fossil more!

it was so much fun working in Fossil! but there are loads of places for improvement which i will talk to my boss about soon. *winks*

Fossil~ What Vintage Are You?~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working at Fossil

02 July 2009

well, i officially start work, TODAY.

went in this morning, saw my boss.. Miss Mia. she's a soft voice, nice lady. filled in some forms, and told me to come back at 1.30pm to start! she gave me a catalog like thingy, to go through the summer collection products. i LOVE some of the summer products. never knew fossil had that many products. always knew it to be a Watch shop but its not! its got jewellery, bags, belts, sunnies..and so on. however, some of those things are sold here. but its beautiful nonetheless!! wanted to show you some of my favourites! :)

starting from the top:

This beautiful piece of jewellery is in the Curiosities Cabinet collection. The designer for this collection was inspired by a life-science exhibit in the National Design Museum in the US. i LOVE IT!

next: the sunnies!

I love how they inocorporated the beautiful design to the sunnies. its chic, cool and simply AWESOME!

moving on: the Talita bag!

The designer for this collection of Talita bags was walking down the market last spring and was inspired by the brightly coloured fruits and vege's and all its various shapes, sizes and texture. I LOVE how these sun-baked colours pop out so beautifully on the bag!

Lastly: the bracelet.

I love this one cuz of the intricacy of the design. the beautiful colours really stands out when you wear it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

End but Its just The Beginning =)


(yes, i went a little loony! ;p )


this is the end of the first semester for my first year in my degree!

and the beginning of a very well deserved holiday :)

as well as, the beginning of interesing things in the future!

(and a little poyo ;P )

Saturday, June 13, 2009


have you heard the latest on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? If you haven't, read on! :)

"yes, girls! Kristen Stewart wised up and finally picked Rob over the boyfriend. We hear that despite the cross-country difference, Rob and Kristen have very much stayed "in touch."

" Rob and Kristen finally emerged together this afternoon. Check out K's disheveled hair! If that doesn't scream bed-head, we don't know what does. Love how X17 is "exclusively" saying they are together."

" Kristen had a dinner date alone with Robert Pattinson! Poor Robsten even had to have a police escort out of the restaurant, taking them back to their West Hollywood hotel…together" - E Online

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its coming to an End

Amazing isnt it how time flies? next week will be the end of my first semester for my degree program. it scares me a little. =S

i still remeber going in for orientation not knowing anyone and now i'm glad to say that i do have a good group of people to just chill out with. it takes time to say that they're my best buds in uni, but hey, time makes things better right?

i'm happy to have them around :)

still have 2 assignments left.

Sunday, May 31, 2009










maybe it's a phase or its something i'm going through right now, but i'm not happy. 

the cause of it? i feel out of place. in Uni and sometimes at home. i feel like no one gives a SHIT that i exist. i feel like i care SO much but i get NONE in return. 

yes i understand, work gets you all caught up. dont have time to speak to family or whatever. but if i send you text.. the least you could do is... REPLY ME BACK. 

sometimes i wonder...


pffft.. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP ass..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Motherland =)

I was called a "poet" by my cousin Preet throughout this one week journey because i wrote down everything that we did everyday in my little journal. and that is what i'll be sharing with you. =)

07 May 2009

F30---> Boarding terminal.

Excellent! Had to run to the Watsons to get a 100ml bottle to put my contact lens solution in it. Goodbye Cherry Blossom & Cassis Rose Lotion. Muttons!!


Boarded the plane. didnt expect to see that many Indian/Keralaites in the plane! who am i kidding? 
haha! ah! plane food. yummy..chicken curry with vege rice. not too bad :) 

half an hour later..

Beer and Orange Juice kicking in! i never knew they served alcohol on the plane! HELLO MISS!! ONE MORE BEER PLEASE :):)

08 May 2009

Went to Grand Hotel to have lunch with Aunty Sabina's family. Met her husband and her two sons, Johan and Rohan. Johan is 22 and studying Medicine and Rohan, 18 just finished school. we had the famous Curry Meen( Curry Fish ). it was quite the sedap but it reminded me very much of our very own.. IKAN BAKAR! haha :)



thats exactly what we all did today! 10am till 6pm! Store hopping and shopped till we were dead exhausted. BUT... the buys were EXQUISITE and absolutely REASONABLE prices!! going back to Star Lagoon Homes/Apartment in Cochin to have dinner and sleep. thats what i need right now... SLEEP!

Good news!!




09 May 2009

Up in the early morning and went to a temple in Chottanikarra. Then drove for an hour to another temple in Guruvayoor. beautiful temples. ancient. its amazing how they preserved the beauty of the temple after all these years.  

Had lunch and went to Horizon International Hotel. Walked about along the Guruvayoor temple street in the evening. bought some jewellery and some sweets. the place is packed with people!

10 May 2009

Woke up at 5am, got dressed and left to go to Guruvayoor temple for the wedding. Didnt manage to get any sleep last night. 5 people squashed in one room wasnt the easiest to deal with. 7am was when the wedding is suppose to start. apparently, 200 weddings are going to take place in the temple today! 200! thats crazy isnt it! explains why there are thousands of people in the temple. everyone pushing so that they can get a clear view. Then, it was our Bride to go the podium. The groom went up, then she went up. he tied the wedding chain around her. He puts the garland on her and she puts the garland on him. they go around the fire and pray to God. and they walk out of the podium. Wedding ends. all in all, it only took no more than 10 minutes! 

Went to a dining hall nearby for the reception breakfast. had a typical Malyalee breakfast and went back to the hotel. packed our things to leave to Palakkad at 2pm. 


Arrived at Sri Chakra International Hotel. The rooms werent very clean at all. it was dusty, as if it had not been cleaned for a couple of days. food arrived an hour late. we werent very pleased with the hotel service. We went out for dinner someplace nearby. NoorJehan Restaurant. Shopped at the Big Bazaar then went back to the hotel.

11 May 2009

Had a good night's sleep. one single bed to myself. Had breakfast at the hotel and got ready to leave at 11am. Visited a couple of houses today. all relatives. Had some issues in one of the houses where my grandfather claimed that it was his father's property. but all turned out well. Sent Aunty Mira ( Aunty Vanaja's aunty ) back to her villa near the paddy fields. she owns some parts of the paddy fields. after saying our goodbyes...left to Guruvayoor. Reached Mayura Residency at 8.05pm. Beautiful Hotel. had dinner and hit the sack.

12 May 2009

Awake at 6am. Got ready to go to Guruvayoor temple. What a crowd! Finally had someone to help gets in. it was definitely one of the best feelings i had when i went into that temple. got to see the Lord himself for a good time. The temple is kept the same way it was before. anciently beautiful. Went to another temple called Mahimayur. Story goes, When one of the Guru's and the Wind God(Vayu) came down to Earth, they landed on a spot that Lord Shiva was on. Lord Shiva saw them and told them that they can have that land and he will find another. The Guru and the Wind God named that place Guruvayoor and Shiva named his place Mahimayur. Saying goes, you have to visit Mahimayur after visiting Guruvayoor in order to make the whole thing complete. 

After all the temple visiting, we left to Cochin. Arrived at Cochin, checked in the same hotel we were in before..Star Lagoon Homes. Preet and I wanted to go to the pool side cuz we were bored. lazed on the chair..took a couple of photos until a bunch of boys came by. Around 6 ish, all the girls decided to go to a jewellery shop called Goodwill. OMG! that place is HUGE and its got the most BEAUTIFUL things!!! we told the driver we're only staying for about half and hour..turns out we stayed for 3 hours!!

13 May 2009

On our way to the boat house at Allapey. Rained cats and dogs last night. Cloudy morning..just the right weather to go on the boat ride.


AMAZING! thats all i can say. Seeing the people alongside the backwaters of India made me realise how lucky i am. People here dont even have proper water source to bathe or even drink. the use the river water which is somewhat polluted. catch fishes here and live on the resources around. coconut water and stuff of that sort. I am blessed to be where i am now.

The food the boat men served us was FANTASTIC! he caught HUGE LOBSTER sized PRAWNS along the way as well as buying some Todi (fermented coconut-alcohol). They served us, Masala Fried Prawns, Fish Fried, Curry Chicken, Dhal, Cabbage stir fried, Okra masala, Brown Rice and Papadum. it was DELICIOUS!  it was one GREAT experience!


Kathakali! Arrived at the Cochin Arts Centre and watched how they put the make up on one another. the make up is made out of Chantanam (yellow powder), Herbs. All natural make up products. The eye expressions of these men during the Kathakali was SPECTACULAR! It is said that it takes a minimum of 6years to train to become a full fledged Kathakali dancer. It started off with just men dancing and remained that way because back in the days, women were too shy to come out and dance. so the men did the dancing and acted in both male and female roles. Now, times have changed. women are learning to perfect the art of Kathakali. 

14 May 2009

Woke up at 7am. Had breakfast in India for the last time in this trip. Headed to the Jewish Settlement to see the Synagogue. It's such a beautiful place. Showing the place where the Maharaja stayed and held meetings. the place was surrounded by beautiful chandeliars.


Shopped till we dropped, AGAIN! this time we only went to one place. Joyalukka's. they have the most beautiful and reasonably cheap punjabi suit materials! repacked everything once we reached the hotel. Have to leave at 6pm to Aunty Sabina's house for dinner.


Beautiful house. its sort of like a 3 story building. first floor is the house/apartment itself. 2nd floor is the bed rooms and the 3rd floor is the rooftop. they call it the terrace. Johan asked me whether i'd like to go to the rooftop and i said sure! so we went there with his brother Rohan and my dearest cousin Preet..and.. what a view! I could see the International Cricket Stadium! talked a lil bit and went downstairs so we could go for dinner.

Reached Central Club. Had a table specially put in the field for all of us to dine for dinner. Johan and Rohan brought Preet and I to the Pool. They have two separate pools. One for the men..bigger and deeper and one for the ladies.. smaller and shallower. DOUBLE STANDARDS! he showed us around the place and went back to the table to have dinner. it was quite nice the food but we kept getting bitten by mosquitoes! 


Reached Cochin Airport and checked in and boarded the flight with 12 bags! 

15 May 2009

Arrived in Singapore. Had the morning sun welcome us. all we want to do is go back and sleep.

When the trip ended, i asked everyone what reminded them most about Kerala, India. This is what they said..

Grandpa: My Father's Land.

Grandma: Food and the big houses.

Mummy : Filled with Culture and very Hospitable people

Unc Sugu: FOOD and there's no special lanes.

Aunty Vanaja: People and their Accent as well as their Hospitality.

Aunty Mai: Shopping! Sarees and Punjabi suits!

Shrawani: Sun, Chai(Tea), HONKING, and Nature

Preetha: HONKING, Jayalaksmi Coffee and Poni Ari( brown rice)

Overall, it was definitely the most fun i have ever had with my family! we got to see almost half of Kerala. and i'm even more so proud to say...

I am a Malyalee and I'm proud of my Culture.