Sunday, August 23, 2009

cant you see that i'm the one who understands you?

recently there's been a certain feeling that i'm developing for this certain someone. but i know i shouldnt act on this certain feeling cuz it might hurt a certain someone. for if i act on this certain feeling for that certain someone..and if that certain someone doesnt have the same certain feeling that i'm feeling, then this certain someone may choose not to bother about this certain soul right here.

and that is certainly NOT want she wants.

and this certainly doesnt help the situation, does it?

warren and i nicknamed him.. sweet balless :) haha! *dont ask*


shobs said...

before i comment on the repetitive usage of the word 'certain',

why the hell is my pet bro being named sweet ballness for?! :s
i think i am in needs of updates here.

now back to the 'certain' matter,
are you certainly certain that you want to hide that certain feeling for that certain someone? well if you're certainly sure, then i certainly understand you and your certain actions to do so babe.

i certainly love you muchos.

and here i end (:

shobs said...

and i realised that once you use a particular word one too many times, it just ends up not sounding like a word anymore.

certain. certain, certain, certain. CERTAIN.
yearp, so not a word in my dictionary anymore. should try the swear words now :p

samanthacje said...

aww! *winks*

shaneqshek said...

shobz huney!! first of all, you're pet bro isnt the one names sweet balless! that CERTAIN someone is! warren and i decided to name that CERTAIN someone SWEET BALLESS!

and i am definitely certain that i want to hide this certain issue from that certain someone. until i'm certainly sure. thanks for understanding babe :)

and i certainly love you loads as well!!


shobs said...

OH, and here i sat wondering "why the hell is warren justin chan named sweet ballness?!"

love you babe <3