Friday, July 31, 2009

The things i'm going to miss

Its been 1 month. 1 month that i worked in the Fossil store in Pyramid. and i must say, i have learned TONS on how to manage a shop as well as attending to the customer's needs. alot of ups and downs..but in the end, it was all worthwhile. here are the things i'm definitely going to miss..

1) my bucket and old rag i use to wipe the shelves and glasses every morning for housekeeping.
2) sticking the model tags on the respected items
3) making sure the watches and bags are properly placed at all times
4) sneaking some food to eat at the back of the store-haha :)
5) looking over to LEVI'S ALL THE TIME when we have nothing to do
6) listening to the same 20 songs everyday, played at least 7 times one day
7) having my crazy family and friends kacauing me at work
8) meeting customer's who are so much fun to serve
9) the repair watches/service book.
10) the pretty bags, wallets, belts, jewelry and watches at Fossil.
11) GOT my friends and family to know about Fossil more!

it was so much fun working in Fossil! but there are loads of places for improvement which i will talk to my boss about soon. *winks*

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shobs said...

i totally agree with number 7, but the number that trumps that is definitely number 5- I WONDER WHY YOU'RE LOOKING OVER THERE SHRAWANI SHEKHAR HAHAHAHA :p

loves <3