Friday, October 23, 2009

Do i look like the bride? =S

* Indian slang*

Its kinda funny and sorta upsetting as i walk into the houses of most of the relatives only to find that they think.... I'M THE BRIDE!!


Honestly! Only after my cousin brother, CUDSON mentioned it..maybe i DO look older than my age! =s ( and i thought after changing my hairdo, that i'll look younger.. =S )

haha! and its funny saying it all the time..

"NO NO NO. Its not me. Its my sister! " *Indian slang*

although i must admit one thing, its fun going around seeing relatives! (though tiring and still MORE houses to go!) but its fun to see all the familiar faces after SO long and all of which are VERY excited bout the upcoming wedding!!

only 3 weeks left!

The front look of the wedding card!

Its actually rectangular in shape, embedded intricate indian design and a dark shade of green with yellow & red beeds stuck on it.

The most beautiful card i've ever seen :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To MY Lesbian Lover =)

Its been 1 year.

and you have grown and matured so fast.

Its been 1 year.

and you still are the same CRAZY-SWEET-LOVABLE-CARING-PRETTY-DARLING -SMARTEST person i know.

Its been 1 year.

and our friendship has become much tighter even though you're miles away.

Its been 1 year.

and u still look the same! haha :):)

Its been 1 year.

and i still dont love you any less than before. in fact, i love you more!

Its been 1 year,

and you're in Melbourne.

Its been 1 year.

and you're photography is beautiful!! thanks to shutter and your inborn talent ;)

Its been 1 year.

and i still remember your previous b'day and how SWEET & STICKY is was.

Its been 1 year.

and you are the most sincere person i know.

Its been 1 year.

and you have become wiser.

Its been 1 year.

and you just turned 19.

Its amazing how much has changed over the past year.

I love you very much my dear darling SHOBINI BALRAJ! its upsetting that you're not here and we cant celebrate this day with you but when u come back.. we definitely will!

Hope you have a GREAT year ahead sweets! as i said,

Its your last year of being a TEEN. enjoy it while you can!

Love you muchos, my dear darling god sister of mine! <3<3

One person i never want to lose :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Its finally here!

Here i come UniSA!

3 and half months to Adelaide!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I got Love in my tummy :):)

Thats prolly two ways a person could look at the title of this post.

One, I ate something REALLY good and my tummy is VERY satisfied. Or,

Two, i have butterflies in my tummy everytime i see a certain someone and it makes my tummy churn.

Love in my tummy.

i wouldnt call it "love" as its too strong a word to use and maybe a little to fast to say so.. but "attracted & like" would prolly be the best suited.

Hence, you decide how you want to see it...

...I know how i want to see it :)