Thursday, October 1, 2009

I got Love in my tummy :):)

Thats prolly two ways a person could look at the title of this post.

One, I ate something REALLY good and my tummy is VERY satisfied. Or,

Two, i have butterflies in my tummy everytime i see a certain someone and it makes my tummy churn.

Love in my tummy.

i wouldnt call it "love" as its too strong a word to use and maybe a little to fast to say so.. but "attracted & like" would prolly be the best suited.

Hence, you decide how you want to see it...

...I know how i want to see it :)


L_zha said...

oooh la la. LOL. :D

This calls for an emergency MSN date! :D

Missing you. :D

shobs said...

okay, same here. i need updates, stat!

loves <3