Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To MY Lesbian Lover =)

Its been 1 year.

and you have grown and matured so fast.

Its been 1 year.

and you still are the same CRAZY-SWEET-LOVABLE-CARING-PRETTY-DARLING -SMARTEST person i know.

Its been 1 year.

and our friendship has become much tighter even though you're miles away.

Its been 1 year.

and u still look the same! haha :):)

Its been 1 year.

and i still dont love you any less than before. in fact, i love you more!

Its been 1 year,

and you're in Melbourne.

Its been 1 year.

and you're photography is beautiful!! thanks to shutter and your inborn talent ;)

Its been 1 year.

and i still remember your previous b'day and how SWEET & STICKY is was.

Its been 1 year.

and you are the most sincere person i know.

Its been 1 year.

and you have become wiser.

Its been 1 year.

and you just turned 19.

Its amazing how much has changed over the past year.

I love you very much my dear darling SHOBINI BALRAJ! its upsetting that you're not here and we cant celebrate this day with you but when u come back.. we definitely will!

Hope you have a GREAT year ahead sweets! as i said,

Its your last year of being a TEEN. enjoy it while you can!

Love you muchos, my dear darling god sister of mine! <3<3

One person i never want to lose :)


shobs said...

I read the blog and it made me tear, being so far away from you makes my heart break into millions of teeny itsy bitsy pieces. I wished I was at home to be with you guys, to just pick up the phone and dial your number, and to drive by your house to pick you up and head out for a drink or two.
Just like the old days.

Start counting, December 3rd's not that far!

I love you long time <3

shaneqshek said...

no problems at all sweetie pie. but thats how much you mean to me. always :)

i know! really wished you were here as well. like you said, just dial your number and come over anytime just to go mamak or chill out at your place or mine.

I am counting down the days till you come! not far away! 1 and half months.

Love you to tiny pieces babe! <3