Saturday, June 13, 2009


have you heard the latest on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? If you haven't, read on! :)

"yes, girls! Kristen Stewart wised up and finally picked Rob over the boyfriend. We hear that despite the cross-country difference, Rob and Kristen have very much stayed "in touch."

" Rob and Kristen finally emerged together this afternoon. Check out K's disheveled hair! If that doesn't scream bed-head, we don't know what does. Love how X17 is "exclusively" saying they are together."

" Kristen had a dinner date alone with Robert Pattinson! Poor Robsten even had to have a police escort out of the restaurant, taking them back to their West Hollywood hotel…together" - E Online


extraordinaryme said...

are you serious??i was hoping she would stick with her boyfriend but oh isnt about loyalty after all=) btw how are you shra?

shaneqshek said...

yes i am serious! :)

haha. i'm well Rid. just a little stressed lately. but well. YOU?