Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its coming to an End

Amazing isnt it how time flies? next week will be the end of my first semester for my degree program. it scares me a little. =S

i still remeber going in for orientation not knowing anyone and now i'm glad to say that i do have a good group of people to just chill out with. it takes time to say that they're my best buds in uni, but hey, time makes things better right?

i'm happy to have them around :)

still have 2 assignments left.


shobs said...

told you time would tell (:
good to know you're having fun at uni darlin'. really and truly (:

L_zha said...

same here too honey!

really happy that you are happy. :D


shaneqshek said...

thanks girls! yup true true :) time will tell. haha!

<3 you two loads!