Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dont we love Happy Endings? =)

Start of my one and half week holidays was by watching my favourite old time Disney Movie, Pocahontas. She is my disney queen :) i love her spirit of adventure, her emotional connection with people, the ample amount of love she gives, and they joy she brings to others. always admired her :)

and after that, i decided to watch Sleeping Beauty. My cousin Suvanya said that i used to sing "Once upon a dream" with my sister when i was younger. true that! my sister and i were big fans of disney movies, hers being Beauty and the Beast. we used to remember all the words in each song in the Disney movies we loved. Sleeping beauty was one of them :)

lastly i watched Beauty and the Beast. only because its the one movie that i can sing along and mutter almost every line in the movie with my sister. haha!

and the best part of all.....

is that there's always a happy ending.... =)

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chui said...

omg babe, was just talking about this with frenchie that day :) bout how old disney movies were the best, like before they started releasing 5 movies a year. when it was only once a year and we had aladdin and pocahontas and all to look forward to. So good :)

We were talking about this before watching Up :)