Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rounding Up 2009

One minute i was at The Curve with a bunch of my close buddies celebrating the START of 2009 and the next minute i'm cleaning the house and preparing things to welcome my close buddies to my house to celebrate the END of 2009 and the BEGINNING of 2010. Is it just me or does every year go by faster than the year before?

These are some of the Highlights of 2009 for me :

-My Sister & Manny's Engagement and Wedding (14/3/2009 & 14/11/2009)
-The Bunchos girls ALL OF US at my place (04/01/2009)
-Starting my Degree in Taylor's University (02/03 /2009)
- Cameron Trip with Bro's friends, Troy & Darlene and their kids (24-26/06/2009)
-Family Trip to Kerala, India (5-15/7/2009)
- Sister's Best Friend's Engagement- Lalitha (17/9/2009)
- Diwali Celebration at my place (20/10/2009)
- Meeting NEW Friends at Taylors University (No date- all year through)

Its been a GREAT 2009 and i couldn't have asked it to be ANY better. I'm glad i have my Family and my friends to make it the way it was! Its the end of another year and alot to look forward to for the next.

Most of all, I know what i want in life and i'm comfortable with my own skin. I've grown up to be more responsible and independent.


-38 days and counting-

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