Friday, August 20, 2010

a little bit of everything

Again, its been forever since i've blogged. There isnt any excuse i could possibly give as to why i have neglected my blog.

Things have been super mad since i've moved into a new house ( named THE MAD HOUSE ) with my two PSYCHOTIC housemates, Ashwinni Sarah & Akash Nath! The house is another story on its own. The gist of it? Its basically an OLD house that has the OLD estatic decos' in it. We do have friends that come and visit us very often. Everyday really. The creepy crawlies! Haha! The spiders, the worms and everything else. But despite all that, its what we call home :)

Other than that, things have been pretty good. Uni has been alright so far. Subjects this semester are pretty fun as well.

- Scriptwriting for Live Performance
- Light, Space & Sound
- Creative & Feature Writing
- Public Relations 2

Of which im kinda growing to like :)

Certainly im missing everyone. Missing my family and my crazy friends. There are times you just sorta slip away and be alone to sort of like sink everything in. Who would of thought after 6 months of being here, you'd still miss home? haha.....

you do.


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