Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sailing Back the Abandon Ship

So its 2.09am in the morning and i cant sleep.

Ever since Uni, i just have not been sleeping early. I guess it kinda has its pro's and cons. Its been almost been 5 months of me being here in the Land Down Under and since the last post (points below). ALOT has happened since i left homeland. ALOT. Life has *touch wood* never been better. Im really liking it here in Aussie. Its been a warm welcome. I thank my girls ( Chui, Pao, Joyce & Ash) for making my time here WORTH every single second. THANK YOU GIRLS ALOT.

I do miss home alot. I miss mum, my sister & bro in law and everyone else. I miss everyone. I miss my friends whom make me smile and laugh till my tummy hurts. I miss the FOOD. I just miss home. Yes, things may not be good in Msia.. it does get pretiligi falagucked, but its still HOME. I miss my girls and boys in Aussie as well. Those who are SO close yet SO far. I miss my date partner all the way in NZ and my drinking partner all the way in India. I miss you all loads. Im really looking forward to coming home in June and meeting up with most of you.

So things here have changed, things with me have changed. My thinking towards life and uni work and stuff is alot more different. I do see myself being a lot more responsible and confident. I guess its true what my bro and sister told me before, you do grow up when you're away from home. You arent pampered as how you are back home. Looked after, more like it. You do have to learn to manage things. Also, I've met someone. Yes, i think i finally found a GOOD guy. *touch wood* We are taking things one day at a time. Living the moment. Its great that he's not one of those guys who's possesive, obssesive, wanting to be around you, all up on your face, kinda person. Lets see how that works out :)

Live life as life wishes to live.

Its gonna be a good life :)


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