Saturday, April 4, 2009

It just hit me!

I think it just hit me that i'm gonna leave for a holiday/wedding to Kerala, India in a month!! 1 MONTH! this is prolly the first time to Kerala and it's going to be great going back to my "motherland" haha! We're going to attend a wedding on my aunt's side and then its shopping and temple visiting! i think the thing that i'm most excited about is the.. Boat Ride. 

it looks not so exciting in the picture, but it sounds amazing! they chef's on the boat will cook any dish that u order and seafood right off the shore! i cant wait!! and in the excitement of it all, my mom and i went CRAZY shopping for punjabi suits and saree's for the trip! we bought.. 6 punjabi suit materials, 2 top's and 2 saree's! it was a bombshell but we hardly ever get good stuff like this! we're quite pleased with the buy =) thank you dv huney for showing me the shop!

.1 month and 2 days left.


L_zha said...

KERALA!! WOW! babe! this means only one thing.


take alot of pics babe! <3

shobs said...

kerala? wow, that's awesome babe! :D

shaneqshek said...

haha!! yes girls.. SHOPPING!! =D apparently they have a WEDDING MALL there. so its SO much easier to go and buy saree's for my sister and me!! =P

i'm pretty xite about it! cant wait :)

sherisubs said...

haha, tell me bout it... ive bought SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO many materials to sew here!! and my friends n i are planning to buy at least 2 materials every month!! haha

BABE! KERALA IS NEAR MANIPAL! i dont need to say anything else, you know where im getting to already. ;) hehehe

I MISS U BABE!!! try to drop by! ;)