Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is it that simple?

I just watched He's Just Not That Into You. and it really does open up a woman's mind on how exactly the Male Brain works. All the signs that they are "supposedly" giving.. actually ISNT. this is when i realised.. why do we women dig so much? Dig in the sense that, we really dig to THINK that there so many signs that he's giving, or so many moves that he was showing or words that he was saying.. when actually he wasnt. he was just being.. PLAIN NICE. we women, tend to overthink alot of thing. overanalyse SO many situations and be very sensitive to alot of things. But, who can blame us? we are known as the softer species. the more delicate gender. it is in our nature to be that way. this movie really Made alot of sense to me. and i may be my next Dating Bible. (My first is the Notebook. haha!) 
I think Justin Long and Ben Affleck's characters came out most strongly to me. as well as Ginnifer Goodwin. this is a definite must watch for the ladies :)

~10 days to India!~


L_zha said...

shraa! i watched it too! I LOVE THE MOVIE!

and yess honey, it did OPEN MY EYES! LOL

and 10 more days to INDIA! WOOOTT! :D

hugs! <3

shobs said...

i haven't watched it yet. boohoo ): i'm waiting for wolverine to come out first :D
but first off, assignments! ;s
told you we shouldn't over analyze. just go with the flow, yo (;

L_zha said...

i heard wolverine is really good! waiting for it too. :D

and babe, GOOD LUCK WITH THE ASSIGNMENTS! :d you'll get through it. :D

shaneqshek said...

Lok : yeah huney! its A damn good movie! worth watching and definitely eye opening!

shobz: yes yes yes! i wanna watch Wolverine as well! its pretty damn KICKASS!

good luck with assignments love!

heart you girls! :P