Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twilight-Director's Notebook

Twilight-Director's Notebook is written by the Director herself, Catherine. It basically shows how the movie was made.. from the minute she read the book to finding casting the make up..visual and lots more! it is sort of like her journal. its got pictures, scribbles, pasted stuff here and there. sorta like below..

It is also a good reference to aspiring film makers. i LOVED it. it was SO MUCH FUN reading this book. to know the extent they went to make this movie turn out the way it did. it was AWESOME!!

on the other hand,
leaving to India in 2 days!


shobs said...

ahh, it looks interesting, but i wouldn't buy it. i think it'll be a real good read for mass comm students though, as they need to know how to prop sets and stuff. not surprised that you read it (:
and remember that book on vampires we saw with anir at borders, curve? now that was real interesting, with the cut outs and pop ups (;

have fun in india darlin' (:

L_zha said...

2 more days! 2 more days!