Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally..I'm a P =)

God! it such a relief to see those words on the paper! nerves were definitely taking its toll on me the first few hours. went at 7.30am and finished by 10.30am. pretty fast! haha. but FINALLY, i dont have to see my IDIOT ASS of an instructor! i swear! he's the BIGGEST ASSWIPE ever! keeps shouting at me and NO WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT AT ALL!
"MACAM INI..MESTI TAK PASS HARI UJIAN NANTI! LEMBAP BETUL LA U NEE!" i swear, ugh! now..a BIG SLAP ON HIS FACE! u know what that DOUSHE said when i told him i passed? he was like.. "ye." with a sour plum face! oh well.. its all over now =P

Bahagian II : Lulus & Bahagian III: 17/20 Lulus

the burden if finally off my shoulders..passed with NO bribery! =P


L_zha said...

ooh babe! Congrats! ;D

shobs said...

shall we clear all malaysian roads to make way for you?
haha. congrats, babe :D
now i don't have to drive you around all the time too. heh ;p

Young said...

Hey shra, just dropping by. :)
Congrats on passing. I've just got my P too. haha...
We shall terrorize the roads of Malaysia together. :P

shaneqshek said...

thanks Young! jom jom :)