Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flavour of the Month

This is gonna be something that i'm gonna be doing every month! i keep changing my thoughts and preferences! haha! so here it 3 of each!

1. Food
  • Sizzling Chicken and Cheese from TGI Fridays
  • Grilled Lamb with Wine Sauce from George and Dragon
  • Mushroom Soup from Tony Romas
2. Drinks
  • White Sangria from Ittalianies
  • Blue Rasberry Slush from TGI Fridays
  • Longan Ice from my Thai Chinese Shop
3. Colours
  • Dark Purple
  • Turqouise
  • Earthy Brown
4. Movies (over the month)
  • No Reservations, Aaron Eckhart & Catherine Zeta Jones
  • Bed Time Stories, Adam Sandler & Courtney Cox
  • 21, Jim Sturgess & Kate Bostworth
5. Actors
  • Collin Ferrel
  • Aaron Eckhart
  • Hayden Christensen
6. Books (over the past 2 months)
  • Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
  • The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
  • A Place Called Here by Cecilia Ahern
7. Flowers
  • Martagon lily
  • Dittany
  • Amaryllis
8. Moments
  • Sitting on my patio watching the heavy rain pour, feeling the cold tingling sensation of each raindrop that gets blown by the wind and hits my face
  • Cooking and preparing dinner for my best girlfriends from High School. Everyone was there.
  • Having lunch with my Ausmates at TGI Fridays, Subang Parade. We laughed so much until our tummy hurt!
9. Animals
  • Golden Retriever puppy
  • Koala
  • Polar Bears
10. Tv Series
  • Heroes
  • Kyle XY
  • American Idol

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