Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Engagement 140309

i must say, after months of planning. the whole thing turned out PERFECT! tents were set up, center pieces done( thanks to Floristika in Bangsar) and the music was ready! the night was prepared and so were we! 

the night before Sat( March 14), the uncles and of course my brother went and got some booze. okay..SOME is an understatement. it was prolly around 20 bottles of u name it! we had JD, bacardi, Wine, 3 diff types of Beer, and Vodka! we drank and laughed the night away. we started around 10pm and finished yapping and drinking at 4.30am. and the worst part, i was "HAPPY" but not DRUNK! why??! 

anyways, that sat morning..we got the center pieces done and prepared the whole canopy outside. tried very hard to make the Garden Theme work. and safe to say, IT DID! it was VERY exciting to see the glow in Chech's and Manny's eyes when the saw the whole thing lighted up. it looked BEAUTIFUL. as manny walked in, i asked him, "how you feeling?" and he answered " uh..ookay" haha! nerves.. he looked very Segak! 

the whole ceremony went on very well indeed. everyone in the family accepted the new way of an engagment whole heartedly and it was nice to see everyone had a good time. i know i did. 
i wanna thank ALL THE COUSINS who helped out and made that night happen the way it did. it was FANTASTIC. these are some photos i love! <3

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