Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Week of the Entire Year!

3rd March-4th march 2009

This was the first week of my time here in Taylor's School of Communication. i must say it was definitely SOME week! first of all, finding my classrooms wasnt as hard as i had imagined. quite simple once you knew where each blocks were. anyhoo, then i found out that i only had classes on Wed & Thurs as there were no tutorials the first week. the subjects that i'm doing for this sem seemed SO interesting!

Subject 1 : Public Relations 1

Basically this is the introduction to PR. Product image, upholding a company's name and so forth. Advertising basically. ALOT of reading though..but really LOTSA fun! They will also be bringing PR people in the industry to come give us talks.

Subject 2 : Communication, Computers & Society

This is sorta like Information Systems in Ausmat. Learning about computers and the communication of it to the society. Also, an introduction to Mass Comm. We had to buy our own headset because we're gonna have to be communicating with ppl and making our own videos/movies. haha!

Subject 3 : Communication: Rhetoric & Reasoning

Critical Thinking! Thats exactly what it is! Thank you Ms Ruma & Mr Jay! haha. we HAVE to CLOSE our rooms and make sure its safe before we start discussing our topics. Some of the topics we do can be very disturbing, upsetting and highly provocative! The first time our lecturer came in, we talked about...

" There is No God. So shut up and move on. "

You could see the anger coming out of some of the ppl in class. thats when our lecturer said:

" You are now entering the Media Industry. You are going to have an open mind about topics like this. Everyone has their own Opinions. You have to Listen to them and make NO judgement"

And, guess what we have to research on this week to present next week in class? PORN.
YES ppl, i'm NOT joking. we have to do an Intellectual study about this Money Making Industry. haha! i tell you, THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE HECK OF A CLASS!

Subject 4: Effective Communication

i must say this is my MOST favourite subject! Its PERFORMING ARTS. =D Basically what we have is a given script and we have to go on stage and present it! ACTING/DANCING/SINGING!

i'm anxious to see whats in store for the coming days!

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