Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Found Passion.

In my Effective Communication class( performing arts), we are told to play diff roles every week and we'll be tested on our body language, vocal projection and expression. today, i acted as a maid. a maid who was forced to have sex with her male master. she bore his child yet he didnt wanna have anything to do with it. his mother threw him out of the house and he gave her 5 dollars to survive for life. 5 DOLLARS. 

for the first time, i was very moved by this character and i really was excited in playing her. i realised that when i'm on stage..i lose myself to the character. i care bout no one or anything around me but only the character. and today.. i was so into her that i cried while playing that part. it shocked me on how much i felt for this character. but i loved it. i love acting. i love losing myself to characters that are this beautiful and meaningful to play. 

i have found what truly makes me happy. i have found a new passion.


dheviaks said...






dandelion! :) :) :)

shobs said...

shobs is absoproud of shra too!
i'm sure the play must have been loads of fun! getting into character, and feeling the mood and the depths of their personailties.
absolutely wonderful babe.
me is very VERY proud of you :D


shaneqshek said...

thank you girls :)

i really loved it! <3

Veneon said...

And honey is proud becoz his wife.... having sex with another man once more. -.- LOL. Nyways, glad to know u've found something you love doing. ;)