Monday, February 16, 2009

The Dream Interpreter

This is unbelievable! yesterday, i had a dream that my mom, bro, sister and i were walking in a mall. suddenly my teeth started falling out. not all, just one by one it started falling out. i collected all those that fell out and told my mom that i wanted to see my dentist aunty to fix it back again. i woke up soon after. i just mentioned my dream to my other aunt, Aunty Mai. she insisted that it meant something. so i went to this book that my uncle lent to me, The Dream Interpreter by Tony Crisp and checked out what Falling Teeth meant.



If you dream of your teeth falling out, the cause may be sense of losing someone you love of who is close that has gone away. this leaces a gap in your life such as you feel when a teeth comes out.

when i read that, i could not help but be startled! my aunt was like, it makes sense since Shobz just left. thats why u feel that god! crazy isnt it how dreams have a hidden meaning. if you really pay attention to it, it tells you things that u cant describe sometimes. haha! =)

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