Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Little Change

haha! i say Little because the only thing i changed is what u see above :) my cousin came over last weekend and he had his camera with him. bored out the brains that he was, he made me be his muse. he JUST bought the camera and wanted to try it out on me. i said, what do i get in return? and he said.. i can drive his Subaru around my neighbourhood! i said, HELL YEAH! but, the catch was..the NEXT time he comes by, i'm allowed to drive his car. since i obtained my licence a month ago.

but it was fun! guess how many photos he snapped?? 606 pictures!!! HAHA! random snapping. out of the random, only 9 photos was what he kept in his camera. the supposed "good ones". BUT, i must say. it was LOTSA FUN =)


sherisubs said...

haha babe, gee, 606 pics?? didn the lens break already?? haha

shaneqshek said...

haha! luckily it didnt! =P