Monday, February 9, 2009

Its Hard to Say Goodbye My Love

This post is written to and for all the friends of mine who have left, leaving or about to leave. Particularly for Shobini Balraj, Radin Faizal Arif, Thayasheri Subramaniam and Suvanya Sukumaran.

i think all this while, i've been postponing the fact that the people i care about, as mentioned above are leaving. in my head..i keep thinking. another week. another week. but HECK, now its today, this week, next week, and next month. time seems to flyby way to fast nowadays. WAY to fast. but i'm glad to say that i've remembered and always will remember the times we all have shared.

my darling cousin,

Suvanya Sukumaran, my dear darling cousin. we have gone through our whole lives together. our WHOLE LIVES. we've grown up together since you were 2 and i was 1. we have always confided in each other and learned so many life lessons together. i have always turned to you in times of need and so have you. i learned to take risks when i'm with you. risks in other ways. haha. i've opened my way of thinking when u confronted me about certain things. and through all that, i still LOVE YOU. although u and i have VAST difference in music, we still hear each other our whenever we have new songs in mind. times have never always been so easy for you and thats why i'm here. growing up without a proper support from both parents has always been difficult. i understand that. but dont you worry about a thing. i am always here for you and so is the aunts for your mother. Preet is under good hands with me and i will promise to take care of her. she's still a young girl and has alot to learn, but she's matured so much. learning from you, me and chechi. i'll be coming over there next year. i will NOT change my mind. i'm gonna work my hardest and come see you in Uni of Queensland. we will stay together, study together and have fun together. you have always been my second big sister. i love you very much, huney. see you soon. =P

my dear friends,

Radin Faizal Arif, i dont really know if u will read this or not..but i just wanna say, i wish ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE ARE LIKE YOU! i have never met a true gentleman until i met YOU. u are truly one of a kind. i'm happy to have worked with you last year. we have gone through alot last year. haha. ALOT. you have shared your stories with me and so have i. anytime u needed someone to talk to, i was here and so were you for mine. anytime either one of us gets upset, the other will be there to calm the other one down. u were my anger management and i was yours. haha. yet, through all that u still tease me EVERYTIME. thank you SO MUCH for everything u have done. i am truly gonna miss you. hope to see u there someday. *cut the nuts!*

Thayasheri Subramaniam, hard to imagine another one of us girls is leaving soon. i have known you since primary school yet we have never been close. since the gang came about and we all have been spending so much time together, i'm glad i've got to know you better. you are always there when i need a second opinion about my actions. everytime i've had my doubts. you will always be my drinking partner and my dirty jokes understand-er! haha. somehow, everyone else tends to get it a lil slower. ahakz! thank you so much love for all the times we've had. you have always been so confident and i admire that about you. Love ;)

Shobini Balraj, my lord woman. how much have we gone through? this year it'll be our 5 years of knowing each other. 5 years of enduring each other's pain. 5 years of going through all our problems and solving it. 5 years of loving the fact of having each other when we need each other. 5 years of being my best friend. 5 years of being, my sister. i love you so much hun. SO MUCH. thank you SO much for being there for me when i always needed you the most. when times were hard or even when they were happy. thank you for just being you and teaching me to be strong. i love you dearly and hope to see you next year =)

Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics

We didn't make forever.
We each got to go our seperate way,
And now we're standing here, helpless,
Looking for something to say.
We've been together a long time.
We never thought it would end.
We were always so close to each other;
You were always my friend.

And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.
You're not sure what you're going for.

I didn't want this to happen,
But we shouldn't feel sad.
We had a good life together.
Just remember, remember, all the times we had.
You know I've always loved you
You know I always wil
But no matter how far I may go
In my heart
You'll always be there
And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.
You're not sure what you're going for.

You'll know I'll always love you.
You'll know I'll always care.
And no matter how far I may go,
In my thoughts,
You'll always be there.

(It's so hard) hard to say good-bye, my love.
(Baby, it's hard) hard to see you cry, my love.
(It's hard) hard to open up that door,
When you're not sure what you're going for.

(It's so hard.)
Good-bye my love.
(Baby, it's so hard.)
We didn't make forever.
It's so hard.
I can feel there's something more.
(When you're not sure what you're going for.)
We've got to work it,
We've got to try,
Though it's hard, so hard
We have to say good-bye
Though it's hard, so hard
We have to say
We didn't make forever.
How could we loose tomorrow?
We didn't make forever.
How could we loose tomorrow?

love you all, take care and strive to achieve your dreams.

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