Monday, February 2, 2009


these past few nights i've been having the weirdest dreams. god only knows what they mean but hey.. THEY'RE DREAMS, DO THEY EVER MAKE SENSE? like srsly, do they? =S

two nights ago i dreamt that my close girlfriends and some of my Ausmates attended a wedding. it wasnt just any wedding but like some BIG celebrity's wedding. no idea who's one it was though. but it was a red carpet event. so my girlfriends and i wore over-the-top embroided sarees. it was BEAUTIFUL! the next day (in my dream) i read the newspaper and we were on the main events column!

this whole thing must be a result of me preparing for my sister's engagement/wedding and watching the red carpet events on E! News.

last night i had another dream. this was rather disturbing. it started with me and a few of my friends at a hotel near a beach. we were walking around the hotel(which was sort of like a mall on the inside) and i saw DJ there with his bunch of Coursemates. the ones he always hangs out with. he suddenly walks up to me and says all of these things that wanted me to be with him. he even mentioned "i love you" which is WAY to strong a word a person would use. in the dream i accepted him back (which would be something i'd slap myself now if it happened). then a whole group of my friends joined us and went to the beach. we set up this lot just for us and dugged the sand to hide our treasure. (yes i know, weird!) we had gold and ancient artifacts and what nots. we had to hide it away from Anil Kapoor cuz he was the villain! haha! the story went on..cant remember it now, but it ended with me being chased around by this maniac who wanted me to give him a kiss on the cheek to let me go.

This weird dream could be a result of me wanting to go for a holiday by the beach. =) DJ. god only knows why he's in it. could be cuz of his status change on FB that would have resulted in me having him there. which i dont really care about. i honestly dont. the treasure? haha! that must have been cuz i watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets a few days back. Anil Kapoor? Slumdog Millionaire! watched it twice now, must be stuck in my head. but the last part, the maniac chasing after me. i have got NO idea where that came from. =S

there's just too many things going through my head. haha! sometimes the dreams i have are rather funny, sometimes they arent.

somehow, i cant wait to find out what i'll dream of tonight =)

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