Wednesday, December 10, 2008

and i thought the worse was over. damn, was i wrong.

yesterday was such a happy day. it made me realise that i shouldnt be depressed over issues as mentioned before. life's too short to be upset or angry all the time. of course, everyone has their ups and dows, but..thats life.


some bunch of idiots threw firecrackers inside my house. yes, FIRECRACKERS. not once, not twice but 3 TIMES! near my dog, Bubba and near the Cars! we called the police.


aunt decided to wash the car. brought it to the automatic car wash. no one was there to help tell us how much space was needed in between the pillars. no one was there to help. my aunt drove in. the car got pushed to the side of the automatic wash thingy's. and then, it got stuck! the car was stuck. i couldnt get out at all. the car couldnt move. we were stuck in there for 30mins! the guy who works there, got us out. we told us that the car got stuck to some kind of bolt. we were so freaked. eventually, things worked out and we were fine. as u can see, the car wasnt badly damaged. it was fine. we were fine. just shaken up.

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