Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Eighteenth :)

I'm finally 18! haha. i must say that it was the best b'day i've had. i've never had a surprise before and this was truly the sweetest thing i have ever gotten. the night started off by my mom and aunt and grandparents holding a cake and a bottle of champagne in the master bedroom. we blew out the candles and opened the presents and drank =) after which i went to sleep at 3am. woke up at 10am and followed my mom to do errands and came home by 12pm. we went to The Curve and ate and Little Penang Cafe. the food was YUMMY! =P i had my crunchy rubbies!! its really called waterchesnuts but i like calling it crunchy rubbies! haha. we looked around then came back home. at 7pm i was to meet up with Amrits, Fel and Wawa. we ate at Itallianies. it was intimate and sweet. we sat and talked for two hours straight! (thank you so much ladies for the present! it was lovely!) we came home by 10pm and hit the sack. the next day i was suppose to go to college to help out for the open day with Shobz. i get a call from Mr Heera asking to come earlier to help him sort out his forms. followed him around, got it all sorted then followed him, izzah and his cousin for lunch. berborak-borak until shobini called me to come get her at the foyer. left them with goodbyes. Shobz and I started our "work". i must say it was rather fun! haha. talking to the parents and their children! haha. then shobz and i went to change once our shift was done. Shobz made me change into her baju cuz her tattoo could be seen and she changed into mine. haha. anyways, then we went to Pyramid. walked and walked around. went to the movies and it was PACKED! ooft, so we decided to walk somewhere. we were to meet up with shaly wally and6.30pm! when she came, we walked around and finally decided to go makan at Fridays. so we walked and walked upstairs. and we go to like the back portion of the place and suddenly i see Annie, Mimz, Kubz, Taty, MJ, Veneon! i was like "OMG! what are u guys doing here?" haha! SHOCKED i tell you! haha. it was SO good meeting them. Rueben came later. we sat down and talked and laughed and it was fun! then the Fridays guys came. oh boy... that was the MOST embarrasing part of the evening! i swear! they made me pick somebody to do the "Fruity Dance". trust me u DONT WANNA do the fruity dance! i picked Annie and yeah... we made a COMPLETE fool of ourselves! haha. i must say it was fun but it was WHACKED! haha. the night ended early for me as my mommy came by 1h.

i want to THANK everybody who came yesterday and to everyone who wished me. it was the most Fun i ever have had for my b'day! THANK YOU SO MUCH SHOBINI , SHALINI and ANIRWAN for the whole thing! it was VERY SWEET of you guys! i LOVED it all! *hugsandkisses*

cant wait to live the life of an 18 year old! haha :) thanks alot you guys. FOR EVERYTHING.

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