Sunday, December 7, 2008

depression kills?

i wouldnt go to the extent in saying that i'm depressed to the point of killing myself. thats just plain ridiculous. STUPID in fact. but i must say that i'm not entirely happy either. maybe its after an overflow of everything i've been feeling these past few weeks. maybe now its hitting me harder than it used to be. MAYBE. all i know, is that im not myself. not at all. today, from 8am till 1pm i was in my bed. awake, but just to reluctant to get out. i loved the morning. it was cold, wet and just perfect. it was impossible for me to get out. i soaked myself in finishing Eclipse. i did. normally, i'll get out and see everyone in the morning. however, this morning, i just wanted to be by myself. my mom tried really hard to ask me to get out of bed. everntually, i gave in. we went for lunch and now home and going out later. i know that all i need is time. time, to get over this feeling.

"dont expect anything shrawani, you'll just get even more hurt when u do"-mummy

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