Thursday, December 4, 2008


7 Love Questions

7 of your Perfect Partner's Personality
  • honesty
  • loving
  • independent
  • responsible
  • there's no difference between his money or my money
  • career-driven
  • understanding and repectful

7Men/Women You Have been Interested in/Loved

i cant really say i LOVED anyone. however, i REALLY liked Two guys. The first one and the current last.

7 Feelings You Feel if You Go Out with Someone you Like
  • excited
  • chattery
  • smiley
  • a tad bit nervous
  • make sure i dont say anything utterly stupid
  • comfortable
  • dont be a klutz! =P

7 Special Places You'd Bring your Partner
  • the beach
  • a garden
  • a lake
  • a fountain
  • Paris!
  • a nice restaurant. guy deserves a treat once in awhile :)
  • the mountains. Snow cap Mountains

7 Things You'd Give to Him/Her as a Present
  • personal poem
  • tickets to his favourite band's concert or football team game
  • a well deserved party which i'll plan!
  • a compilation of all his favourite songs and movies
  • a kiss he'll never forget =)
  • dinner which i'll cook!
  • good pair of shoes =D

7 Songs You'd Sing to your Partner
  • One Night, The Corrs
  • Say, John Mayer
  • Unbelieavle, Craig David
  • Iris, Goo Goo Dolls
  • Flaws and All, Beyonce
  • You and Me, Lifehouse
  • Supermassive Black Hole, Muse

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Andrea said...

LADY! So much for telling everyone abt your new blog! :P
BTW, blogspot rawksss!