Wednesday, December 31, 2008

beginning of a new chapter


a new YEAR, a new BEGINNING, a new CHAPTER, a new FUTURE.

i must say that the outing last night was awesome! but it would've been much better if the whole bunchos were there. =(

Sujen, Shal, Shobz and I went to the Curve. reached the venue at around 5.30pmish. good thing we came early cuz we managed to find parking near the exit. we went to Ikea to get Sujen a hotdog(which was pretty damn good!) and walked to book seating at Bubba Gump. the only available slot was at 10pm. so we decided to go and watch a movie. so we headed to Cinneleisure and the only movie that had alright seats was The Spirit. after booking the movie, we went to Courts. Sujen wanted to go to Bentley to get the prickley thingy for Angeline =) so we walked and walked and finally reached the place. it was HUGE! there were SO many cool looking guitars around! haha. after which, Shobini Balraj was hungry( as usual =P ) so we went to Mc'deez, where sujen and shobz bought ice cream and shal got curly fries. time check: 7.00pm. we chilled out till 7.30pm and walked back to the movies. shobz got the nuggets that she finally wanted and we went up to the movie. Apparently, The Spirit was based out of a 1940's comic strip in the local papers back in the days. the movie was pretty confusing and i guess it took awhile before u understood whats going on. but i must say, the concept used while making the movie was different. some lines were plain lame and some were pretty funny (well, more like we made it funny!) anyways, after that we went to makan makan at Bubba Gump. got a seat outside. shobz and i had the Mama;s Southern Fried Chicken, with some weird appetizer with prawns, tomatoes, icky nachos and lemon flavouring and "that choc thing" for dessert. RM79.90! we got TOTALLY RIPPED OFF cuz everything was predone and it was hard and blehhhhh =( dv came by, and i think the two of us went a lil looney =P haha! i gave her a few sips of my Mango Sparkler and she went giggly! hahahaha! it was fun though!! *loveyouladvbaby* snap snap snap gambar with shobz's Shutter. he was quite the charmer i must say! got on everybody's hands! haha! after we bid our goodbye's to dv, we walked to the park where the party was. trying to find our way in the crowd. to my surprise, i saw Joey G on stage!!!! *screams* i pulled everyone and squeezed my way through the crowd to get closer to him. haha. we ended up near the DJ guys and beside the Clowns. haha. 30mins away to countdown. there were LOADS of people in the crowd. THOUSANDS around. but it wasnt the stuffy. it was nice. it was just nice. then the countdown begun, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fireworks came on!! and my gosh it was SO BEAUTIFUL. we right under it! it was AWESOME! our necks hurt cuz we had to look up, but it was worth it! SO MUCH FUN!

Dearest, Chui Ki, Annie and Ling, sorry that we didnt get to meet. the phone lines were really bad. so near, yet so far. next time then! =P

My darlings...Sujen, Shal, Shobz, Dv and Ming Jie, thanks so much for being there! it was so much fun!

To Lokzha, Thaya, Dienesh, if u guys were there, it would have been perfect :)

Everyone in Ausmat, i love you guys loads! its been great meeting all of u! Happy New Year loves!

My Sri Aman girls, missing u guys loads. hopefully i'll get to meet with u guys soon! yes, mimz you owe me lunch! Boh and Kuan, we have yet to have dinner together! haha :)

Old Friends whom i still cherish, i hope you all will have a great year ahead of ya! good luck :)

Life is an Occasion, Rise to it.


shobs said...

"Shobini Balraj was hungry( as usual =P )"???!
ish );

shaneqshek said...

hahaha! arent u always hungry sweet pea :)