Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here Comes The Bride =)

26th December 2006

In this day in history..

i must say it was the HAPPIEST days of our lives! to hear that my sister, my darlingest and most dearest sister was going to be wed!! when we heard the news, we all totally flipped out! (in a good way, of course)

Mr Dhoss was apparently holding the ring from October and never could find the right time to propose to Ms Shekhar. They were always interrupted in some way or the other. he finally decided to kneel down on his knees and officially ask her. this happened in my sister's apartment in JB.

my dear brother was so overwhelmed by this news that he decided to start having "fun" with drinks from 12pm onwards! he kept calling me in between, singing his lungs out and laughing so hard while saying " I LOVE U ADIK!" and " ITS TIME TO PARTY! ADA KAHWIN DALAM KELUARGA!" hahahahaha! HILLARIOUS i tell u! i've never heard him THAT drunk in my life. he messages me this morning saying that he's going through the worst hangover in his life!!

To Mr Emmanuel Dhoss and Ms Ashvini Shekhar, i wish u ALL the happiness for u both and may good things come your way! I love you two very much! *hugsandslobberykisses*

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